Zurich news

  • Profits dip for insurance giants

    Two of the world’s most prominent insurers have announced their latest results: one witnessing plunging profits and the other posting profits short of projected targets.

  • Insurer aims to save lives

    An Australian insurer has released new technology that will offer a more proactive approach to driver risk management and could save the lives of transport industry workers.

  • Carbon tax will reduce insurance premiums

    Claims by the Coalition and an Australian insurer last week, who told its brokers that the carbon tax will increase insurance premiums, have been rubbished by an industry expert.

  • Brokers told by insurer: ‘Carbon tax will lift premiums’

    One of Australia’s biggest insurers has reportedly issued a warning that the carbon tax will force commercial insurance premiums up and brokers need to review the cost of clients’ policies.

  • Brokers lauded by satisfied SMEs

    New research on Australian insurance brokers has unveiled that SMEs are overwhelmingly satisfied with the services brokers provide. Here is the hard data you need to prove the value of your business…

  • 'Every broker should offer this product'

    EXCLUSIVE: One of Australia’s largest insurers has highlighted the insurance product that every broker in the country simply has no excuse not to be offering to clients.

  • Brokers will 'appreciate' new flood definition

    An Australian insurance giant has come out in support of the new standard flood definition and claimed that it will be beneficial to the industry's brokers too.

  • Safe keeping: Brokers ride new wave of cyber crime insurance

    Insurers have a vital role to play in protecting companies from cyber crime. We speak to DAMIAN LYNCH of Zurich and ANDREW MIERS of HWL Ebsworth Lawyers for more.

  • Central Diesel Claim Testimonial

    This claim story is a testament to the work the insurance industry does -- putting people's livelihoods back on track.

  • Zurich continue corporate reshuffle

    Proficient in Japanese and Swahili, with a Black Belt in “Chito Ryu” Karate too! Meet the new Executive General Manager SME at Zurich General Insurance in Australia.